Exclusive Opportunity to Review Your Complex Cases and Learn from Industry Leaders!

Are you familiar with the benefits of reflective practice for coaching professionals? 

Who do you turn to when you're feeling stuck or burned out?

Where is your support system to help you process difficult cases?

How do you find solutions when you aren't getting the client results you'd like to?

Who challenges you to step out of your comfort zone, ditch imposter syndrome, and be the transformational coach you can be?

Sam Magill from the International Coaching Federation (ICF 2011) describes it as: “the act of waking up to what happens in practice”. He adds, “it is about the coach coming home and turning on the lights again rather than bumping around in the dark”. Without conscious reflective learning and practice, a coach is unable to ‘wake up’ or ‘turn on the lights’. 

The goal of the DCA Case Consultation & Mastermind Group is to create an intentional space where participants gather and actively engage with one another to challenge, improve the ability to reflect, transform and improve our practice as professional divorce coaches.

The benefits include:

🌟   Continuously build our efficacy, coaching session after coaching session

🌟   Step back to gain greater perspective, clarity or insight

🌟   Examine our responses to help us notice patterns and develop deeper insights over time

🌟   Exercise our growth mindsets and develop ongoing curiosity about how to become a better coach

🌟    Crowdsource best practices or new approaches

🌟   Strengthen our reflection-in-action skills

🌟    Build a network of peer mentors

Each group will be facilitated by one or more DCA Advisory Board members: Tracy Callahan and Debra Doak. The Case Consultation & Mastermind Group at Divorce Coaches Academy is the first of its kind, specifically designed for the professional, practicing Divorce Coach.

Program details:

  • $299 for 6 month membership
  • Meets twice monthly 
  • Attend 1st Tuesday at 12pm ET and/or 3rd Tuesday at 8pm ET

Case Consultation & Mastermind Group

  • Case Review and Support

    Monthly opportunity to bring your most difficult cases to the DCA Advisory Board and your peers for discussion, input and feedback.

  • Reflective Practice Learning

    Real-time reflective practice gives participants the opportunity to become more self-aware and learn from the experiences of others.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    Attend one or both meeting times:

    1st Tuesday 12:00 - 1:30pm ET
    3rd Tuesday 8:00-9:30pm ET

Benefits of a Case Consultation & Mastermind Group

Divorce coaching can be a lonely business since most are solopreneurs. So who do you turn to when you have a complex case? When you aren't getting the results you expected? Or when you start to feel that sense of burnout?

Successful divorce coaches understand the value of seeking connection and feedback to continually improve their coaching practice. Here are just a few benefits of of this DCA group:

  • Professional mentorship

  • Real-time case consultation

  • Peer support and referral network

  • "Love shoves" to challenge bias or assumptions

  • New tools and skills

  • Encouragement to try, fail, and try again

  • Gain even more coaching confidence

Case Consultation & Mastermind Group Facilitators

DCA Co-Founders

DCA Co-Founders Tracy Callahan and Debra Doak are both experienced educators and highly successful CDC Certified Divorce Coaches. They are committed to the profession of divorce coaching as a method of alternative dispute resolution.

They represent a variety of backgrounds and each brings particular areas of expertise including finance, mediation, pastoral counseling, and conflict resolution.

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