Moving Families From Chaos and Conflict To Child-Centered

Parents often worry about the impact of divorce on their children and yet ongoing parental conflict is the #1 issue that causes children to have difficultly making the adjustment. Learn to help co-parents diffuse conflict as a Conflicted Co-Parenting Divorce Coach.

Studies estimate that 80% of the family court's time is taken up by  cases where parents are unable to resolve their differences without the intervention of the legal system. And even when mom and dad aren't going to court, their day-to-day behaviors and interactions can escalate conflict which spills out onto their children.

 We can make this better for families. As a CCDC, learn to help clients reduce the cost and emotional impact of co-parenting while protecting themselves and their children from conflict.

In this course students will learn about:

🔸    Spectrum of conflicted co-parenting

🔸    What is considered "best interest of the children"

🔸    Parenting triggers and emotional management tools

🔸    Transitioning from marriage partners to business partners

🔸    Effective parenting plans

🔸    Strategic communication and boundaries

🔸    The role of professional evaluators

🔸    Case documentation and negotiation

Not all co-parenting conflict can be avoided, but you can help your client remember to ask the question: "Do I love my kids more than I hate my ex?" when making decisions. They can choose not to add fuel to the fire, to de-escalate when they are able, and present themselves in the best possible light in the event of a trial or custody evaluation.

The Conflicted Co-Parenting Divorce Coach Training Intensive at Divorce Coaches Academy™ is the first of its kind, specifically designed for the professional, practicing Divorce Coach in their role as an alternative dispute resolution specialist.

Students who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate of completion, earn 15 CEU's, and have the right to use the CCDC designation.

Conflicted Co-Parenting Divorce Coach Training Program

  • Classroom Instruction

    Six 90-minute sessions of teaching and learning. Attend live and online via Zoom or watch on demand. Plus you'll get access to a rich library of resources.

  • Practicum

    Practice your skills and gain confidence to work with clients. Working with a fellow student, you'll coach mock scenarios and get real-time feedback from the instructors.

  • Grow Your Practice

    Successful completion of the intensive allows you exclusive use of the CCDC designation. Expand your services and marketability by letting clients know the benefits you offer as a professional co-parenting conflict resolution specialist.

Why Train as a Conflicted
Co-Parenting Divorce Coach?

Co-parents will have conflict. As a professional conflicted co-parenting divorce coach, you can offer your client the tools and skills to shield themselves and their children. You will prepare them to proactively solve problems through effective communication, boundaries, and documentation.

By adding Conflicted Co-Parenting Divorce Coaching to your toolbox, your expand your market and your clients benefit in so many ways. Here are just a few:

  • More conflict confidence

  • Better emotional management and decision making

  • Lower overall divorce and post-divorce costs

  • Improved communication skills

  • Credibility with court professionals

  • Protect kids from adult conflict

  • More positive parenting and co-parenting

  • Skills and tools for a lifetime

Conflicted Co-Parenting Divorce Coach Program Instructors

DCA Co-Founders

DCA Co-Founders Tracy Callahan and Debra Doak are both experienced educators and highly successful CDC Certified Divorce Coaches. They are committed to the profession of divorce coaching as a method of alternative dispute resolution.

They represent a variety of backgrounds and each brings particular areas of expertise including finance, mediation, pastoral counseling, and conflict resolution.

Train as a Conflicted
Co-Parenting Divorce Coach with DCA®

DCA's Conflicted Co-Parenting Divorce Coaching intensive provides the tools and training you need to de-escalate your clients' co-parenting conflict and expand your practice.